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Bonaire Snorkeling:
A Divers Paradise

Bonaire truly is a Divers Paradise in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. The magical underwater world is filled with impressive corals, mangroves and large numbers of tropical fish. Why is snorkeling in Bonaire so popular and what are the best beaches for snorkeling in Bonaire?

Why Snorkeling in Bonaire?

Some Caribbean Islands have to cope with hurricanes but the Leeward Antilles are outside of the hurricane zone. This is why the corals and the underwater world have almost completely remained intact.

The whole of Bonaire is a protected marine park called, The Bonaire National Marine Park. The Marine Park provides outstanding possibilities for diving and snorkeling. The Bonaire National Marine Park is well-known for its corals, fish and sea turtles. To be allowed to dive or snorkel in the protected waters of Bonaire it is mandatory to purchase a snorkel tag called the Stinapa Nature Fee. You can pay your nature fee online on the website of Stinapa. The certificate you’ll receive in your mailbox is valid for one calendar year. Cruise ship passengers do not need the Stinapa Nature Fee.

Snorkeling in the Bonaire National Marine Park

Snorkeling in Bonaire is very low key and is accessible to beginners and more experienced snorkelers. It provides a unique experience. Within a few footsteps from the beach, you can submerge yourself into the beautiful underwater world of Bonaire. In the waters of Bonaire, you will commonly find a lot of tropical fish such as Blue Tangs, Trunkfish, Damselfish, Angelfish, Parrotfish, Rays, and Trumpetfish. If you are lucky enough you can also find sea turtles blissfully gliding through the Caribbean Sea.

The Caribbean Sea is different from any other tropical sea. You can find steep ledges, reefs and double reefs. The Bonaire National Marine Park feels like a tropical aquarium with crystal clear waters. Throughout the year the sea temperature varies between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Visibility up to 30 meters on a normal day and up to 90 meters on a good day makes for perfect snorkeling conditions let alone diving.

Best Snorkeling
in Bonaire

If you are planning on going to Bonaire and looking for the best snorkeling spots, look no further. There are different ways of exploring the Bonaire underwater world.

  • Without a guide, from the beach
  • With a guide, from the beach
  • Guided snorkeling trips from a boat

Bonaire Snorkeling from shore

Snorkeling from the beach is a popular activity in Bonaire. There are 17 official snorkeling spots on this Caribbean Island where you can snorkel from the shore. Either guided or non-guided.

If you are going to snorkel without a guide, keep in mind the following:

  • The best snorkeling spots are pointed out by yellow rocks, also to avoid standing on coral.
  • Most of Bonaire’s beaches are pebble beaches. Water shoes and beach chairs are advised.
  • The current can vary strongly depending on conditions.

Bonaire’s top 5 snorkeling spots

Are you looking for Bonaire’s top 5 snorkeling spots that are accessible from shore?

  1. 1000 steps beach: this beach is found along the Queens Highway and is accessible via stone stairs. If you are looking for sea turtles, this beach in the north of the island will give you a good chance of finding them.
  2. Karpata: this snorkel spot is found a bit farther down the Queens Highway from 1000 steps. Its uninterrupted reef is home to many corals, sponges, and fish. The reef is deep enough to swim across but also shallow enough to get a good look.
  3. Wayaka II: this little sand beach is found in Washington Slagbaai National Park. Once in the water, you are close to the rocks and therefore the fish are closer. You will find yourself in the middle of the action between beautifully colored fish.
  4. Sorobon Beach: You will find this beach on the east coast of the island. Look out for damaging the reef. Sorobon has a lot of shallow areas. Sorobon is chosen as the most beautiful sandy beach of Bonaire by many.
  5. Salt Pier: this location is equally beautiful above as underwater. It is home to impressive salt mountains. Salt Pier is found at Bonaire’s south coast.

Bonaire Snorkeling

Are you looking for the best Bonaire’s underwater world has to offer? In Bonaire, you can find many tour operators offering snorkeling trips. During most of the snorkeling trips, you will also visit Klein Bonaire, a small island close to the shore of Bonaire. The island is pristine and tranquil. It is no wonder that it is home to a few of Bonaire’s most beautiful snorkeling spots.

There are different ways of exploring the waters surrounding Klein Bonaire. You can take a boat to Klein Bonaire and snorkel unguided. No Name Beach and Ebo’s Reef are among the best snorkeling spots.

Another possibility is to go on a guided snorkeling trip. The guide knows the best snorkeling spots and will make sure you are not missing anything. Some tour operators offer snorkeling trips from a boat instead of from shore, for instance, Seacow. The advantage is that you will get to visit snorkeling spots that are not accessible from shore.

Why go on a Snorkeling Trip with Seacow?

Seacow is an operator of Bonaire Snorkeling Trips. Snorkeling with Seacow you will get to see the most beautiful Snorkeling Spots Klein Bonaire has to offer. These snorkeling spots are only accessible by boat and are home to the most well-preserved corals and beautiful fish.

Popular snorkeling trip in Bonaire

The most booked tour is the Double Dip Snorkel Trip. It is a day trip for beginners and experienced snorkelers. During this trip, you will visit 2 snorkeling spots. We will snorkel with the current which is less tiring. In between visiting the 2 snorkeling spots, there will be food and drinks on the Seacow: a specially modified catamaran. Once arrived on location it is time to gear up and go in the water under the supervision of our guides. Seacow can provide the snorkeling gear. We even have some snorkeling masks with prescription glasses for those in need. Our professional underwater photographer will make sure that your underwater experience is captured.

Unique snorkeling trip

Are you looking for something even more unique? Book our night snorkeling trip for a different view of the underwater world.

Booking a Snorkeling Trip

Are you heading for Bonaire any time soon and looking for an amazing underwater experience? Booking a Snorkeling Trip with Seacow is easy. Just check for availability on the desired date. Any questions before booking? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Book this tour for $75 per person!