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Discover Freediving

Discover Freediving

If you think freediving is like snorkeling (but very deep), you’re wrong. Freediving is a totally different way to experience the underwater world. You dive deeper, stay underwater longer and feel part of the ocean itself.
We will teach you the basics and focus on breathing techniques in this discovery.
After a 2-hour theory at Freediveschool Blue Classroom where you will develop your knowledge and practice breathing techniques, you will join us the next day on the water/in to witness Bonaire’s most beautiful marine life while going down with one breath. This always under the guidance of our certified freediving instructors. And never deeper than 10 meters.
After freediving you will enjoy a snack and drink on board.
Our discover freediving can be the start of a Padi or Aida freediving course/certificate at the Blue Classroom freediving center we work with.

What is the duration of the Freedive Trip?

The total duration of the trip is 4.5 hours, split into a 2-hour theory lesson(the monday before) by Blue Classroom and 3.5 hours of practice from the Sea Cow. Topics covered include breathing exercises, underwater ear clearing, breath-hold exercises, yoga and stretching.

The trip includes:

The Freedive Trip includes snacks, drinks and materials.

How much does the Freedive Trip costs?

The cost of the Freedive Trip is $150 per person.

What should I bring myself on the Freedive Trip?

Stinapa Nature Fee and possibly a wetsuit if you get cold easily.

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