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Sea Cow Charters - About us


since January 2013, we, Henk and Gea are the proud owners of the SEACOW

During a holiday in 2009, we fell in love with the beautiful island of Bonaire. During this holiday, the plan was brought forward to realize our dream: to live, work and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this beautiful island.
As Henk worked with the police in the Netherlands, from there he applied to the Corps Bonaire where he could finally start in early 2011. Gea had various jobs including hostess on a catamaran. It was another beautiful dream: our own boat to show people the beautiful underwater world of Bonaire. Luck was with us, the Seacow charters was for sale and...... another dream came true.

The Seacow sails for cruise passengers, visiting tourists and of course for our own residents.
Do you like a cozy, casual atmosphere, then it is definitely worth to have a moooooving experience with us. Of course you can always contact us if you have something to celebrate, everything can be discussed

Hope to see you on board,

Greetings Henk & Gea.


The boat is an original Venezuelan fruit vessel, found 20 years ago, abandoned on the southern tip of Bonaire. There were no signs of origin on the boat, so the owner could not be traced, and after a year the boat was declared "island property". The first years the boat was used as a water taxi and was later introduced for snorkeling trips for which it is still in use. After a thorough restoration, the boat is now in excellent condition and sails out almost daily to Klein Bonaire for great snorkeling trips and
Some technical details:

- 36 feet hardwood fruit boat.
- Year of construction about 1975
- Cummins 82 hp diesel engine ca.1983
- Borg Warner transmission.
- Up to 30 passengers can enjoy a comfortable and safe journey.
- All required safety equipment is on board


Call us: 785-7727  -  Mail us: info@seacow-bonaire.com  -  Design: Bonaire Design Studio